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AL-Maliki, Ossama (2020) Analysing and Improving the Security of Contactless Payment Cards. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Al-ameri, Ali (2020) A Smart Edge Computing Resource, formed by On-the-go Networking of Cooperative Nearby Devices using an AI-Offloading Engine, to Solve Computationally Intensive Sub-tasks for Mobile Cloud Services. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

AlZoubi, Alaa and Nam, David (2020) Vehicle Activity Recognition Using DCNN. In: Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications. VISIGRAPP 2019. Communications in Computer and Information Science (1182). Springer, Cham, pp. 566-588. ISBN 978-3-030-41589-1

AlZoubi, Alaa and Zhu, Yi-Cheng and Jassim, Sabah A. and Jiang, Quan and Zhang, Yuan and Wang, Yong-Bing and Ye, Xian-De and Du, Hongbo (2020) A generic deep learning framework to classify thyroid and breast lesions in ultrasound images. Ultrasonics. ISSN 0041-624X

Andrejcik, Dusan (2020) The Impact of Credit Risk Reporting Rules on Financial Analysts' Information Environment. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Asaad, A. (2020) Persistent Homology Tools for Image Analysis. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.


Burton, Frances (2020) Same-Sex Relationships and the Child Law Perspectives: Another Child Protection Concern or Simply a New Way of Creating the Modern Family? In: Same-sex relationships, law and social change. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon., pp. 168-186. ISBN 978-0367076092

Burton, Frances and Draghici, Carmen (2020) Fast-Tracking Low-Value Financial Claimsin the Family Court : Report on a Research Project undertaken by the Centre for Child and Family Law Reform with the support of City, University of London’s HEFCE Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange Fund. Centre for Child and Family Law Reform, London.

Burton, Frances and Murphy, Ryan (2020) English Legal System. Routledge. ISBN 9781138783706


Camila, Caro and Masa, Popovac (2020) Gaming when things get tough? Examining how emotion regulation and coping self-efficacy influence gaming during difficult life situations. Games and Culture. ISSN 1555-4120

Clapham, John C (2020) Sixty Years of Drug Discovery for Type 2 Diabetes: Where Are We Now? In: Type 2 Diabetes Methods and Protocols : methods in molecular biology. Humana Press, New York, pp. 1-30. ISBN 9781493998807

Cooper, John (2020) Welfare, Warfare, and Lawfare: Studies of Edwardian Liberals (1906-14), Nathaniel Rothschild (1840-1915), and Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959). Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.


Demirovic, Amer and Kabiri, Ali and Tuckett, David and Nyman, Rickard (2020) A common risk factor and the correlation between equity and corporate bond returns. Journal of asset managemnt. ISSN 1470-8272

Dobson, Melina (2020) Operation Rubicon: Germany as an intelligence 'Great Power'? Intelligence and National Security, 35 (5). pp. 608-622. ISSN 1743-9019

Drew, John (2020) The Periodical and Journalistic Writings of Dickens, “special correspondent for posterity”. The Chesterton Review, 46 (4). pp. 423-440. ISSN 0317-0500 (In Press)


Friedlander, Kathryn J. and Fine, Philip A. (2020) Fluid Intelligence is Key to Successful Cryptic Crossword Solving. Journal of Expertise, 3 (2). pp. 101-132. ISSN 2573-2773


Gillett, Jenna L and Duff, Jane and Eaton, Rebecca and Finlay, Katherine A. (2020) Psychological outcomes of MRSA isolation in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Spinal Cord Series and Cases, 6 (63). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2058-6124


Hallows, Richard David (2020) Securitisation and the Role of the State in Delivering UK Cyber Security in a New-Medieval Cyberspace. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Hassan Al-Jumyli, Waleed Khalid (2020) Towards Secure Identity-Based Cryptosystems for Cloud Computing. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Hearn, Jasmine and Finlay, Katherine A. and Sheffield, David (2020) ‘Trying to bring attention to your body when you’re not sure where it is’: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of drivers and barriers to mindfulness for people with neurological disabilities. British Journal of Health Psychology. pp. 1-17. ISSN 2044-8287


Isa, Awwal (2020) Engaging the Academy to Improve Professionalism in Nigeria’s Intelligence Community. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Ishola, Oluwademilade O. (2020) Advocating for an Environmental Sustainability Stance to Climate Change Governance in Nigeria. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.


Jackson, Gregory Howard (2020) Utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology to Integrate Anglophone and Indigenous Pedagogies in the 21st Century – The Case for Hawaii. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Jones, Thomas (2020) Establishing a constitutional 'right of asylum' in early nineteenth-century Britain. History of European Ideas. ISSN 0191-6599 (In Press)

Jones, Thomas C (2020) La Famille Rocker-Witkop et la fermeture de l'asile politique en Grande-Bretagne. Revue d'Histoire du XIXe Siècle, 2 (61). pp. 123-149. ISSN 0765-0191


Kabel, Tarek Safwat and Bassim, Mohga (2020) Reasons for Shifting and Barriers to Renewable Energy: A Literature Review. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 10 (2). pp. 89-94. ISSN 2146-4553

Kappis, Vassilis (Bill) (2020) Psychology and International Relations (in Greek). In: A Century of International Relations 1919-2019. Pedio, Athens, Greece, pp. 171-179. ISBN 9789606352447

Kumaravel, Bharathy and Hearn, Jasmine and Jahangiri, Leila and Pollard, Rachel and Stocker, Claire J. and Nunan, David (2020) A systematic review and taxonomy of tools for evaluating Evidence-Based Medicine teaching in medical education. Systematic Reviews, 9 (91). ISSN 2046-4053


Lahy, Andrew (2020) Building on the theory of the growth of the firm to develop an attitude and time based view of the firm. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Lami, Ihsan and Al-Ameri, Ali (2020) DEO: A Smart Dynamic Edge Offloading Scheme using Processing Resources of Nearby Wireless Devices to Form an Edge Computing Engine. In: 2019 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cloud and Fog Computing Technologies and Applications. IEEE, United States, pp. 58-64. ISBN 978-1-7281-3101-6


Mahmood, Muhammad Tahir (2020) The Role of the Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies in Combating Terrorism in Pakistan. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Mattacola, Emily (2020) “They think it’s helpful, but it’s not”: A qualitative analysis of the experience of social support provided by peers in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. ISSN 1070-5503

Morris, Alec J (2020) Private Purpose Trusts and the Re Denley Trust 50 Years On. Trust Law International, 34 (3). pp. 165-184. ISSN 0962-2624

Murshed, M and Mahmood, H and Alkhateeb, T and Bassim, Mohga (2020) The Impacts of Energy Consumption, Energy Prices and Energy Import-Dependency on Gross and Sectoral Value-Added in Sri Lanka. Energies, 13 (6565). pp. 1-22. ISSN 1996-1073


O'Dowd, Jacqueline F. and Stocker, Claire J. (2020) Isolation and Purification of Rodent Pancreatic Islets 2 of Langerhans. In: Type 2 Diabetes : Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology (2076). Humana Press. ISBN 978-1-4939-9880-7 (In Press)


Paolini, Adolfo (2020) The Disruptive Effect of Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain in the over the counter derivatives market. Global Jurist. ISSN 1934-2640


Richards, Julian (2020) Down but Not Out? Revisiting the Terror Threat frpm Foreign Fighters. International Journal of Intelligence, Security and Public Affairs, 22 (2). pp. 61-81. ISSN 2380-0992

Richards, Julian (2020) Extremism and Intelligence: A Threat Analysis. Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare, 2 (3). pp. 1-15. ISSN 2561-8229


Sargent, Sarah (2020) “Fractured Resemblances”: Contested Multinational Heritage and Soft Power. International Journal of Cultural Property, 27 (1). pp. 97-123. ISSN 0940-7391

Scutt, Jocelynne (2020) Beauty, Women's Bodies and the Law - Performances in Plastic. Springer Nature / Palgrave Macmillan, United Kingdom. ISBN 9783030279974

Scutt, Jocelynne (2020) Into the Australian Bush - Women, Law and Courageous Acts of Rebellion. Synergies : a journal of English literature and cultures. pp. 1-30.

Sonnex, Charmaine and Roe, C.A. and Roxburgh, E. C. (2020) Testing the pagan prescription: using a randomised controlled trial to investigate pagan spell casting as a form of noncontact healing. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. ISSN 1075-5535

Spatareanu, Mariana and Manole, Vlad and Kabiri, Ali (2020) The Real effects of Banks' Nationalisation - Evidence from the UK. Applied Economics Letters. ISSN 1350-4851 (Print), 1466-4291 (Online) (In Press)

Stocker, Claire J. and Smith, Joshua and Stewart, Molly and Foggin, Emily and Mathews, Stuart and Harris, J and Thomas, Peter and Cooney, Andrew (2020) Assessing the benefits and usefulness of Schwartz Centre Rounds in Second-Year Medical Students using Clinical Educator-Facilitated Group Work Session: not just “A Facilitated Moan”! BMC Medical Education, 20 (271). ISSN 1472-6920

Stocker, Claire J. and Wargent, Edward T. and Martin-Gronert, Malgorzata S and Cripps, Roselle L and Heisler, Lora K and Yeo, Giles S.H. and Ozanne, Susan E and Arch, Jonathan R.S. (2020) Developmental programming of appetite and growth in male rats increases hypothalamic serotonin (5-HT)5A receptor expression and sensitivity. International Journal of Obesity. ISSN 0307-0565


Traore, David Daouda (2020) Automated Analysis of Cellular Signalling Parameters based on Images and Videos of Fluorescence Microscopy. Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham.

Trayhurn, Paul (2020) Through fat and thin - A journey with the adipose tissues. The Gowland Hopkins Award Lecture 2019. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 79. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0029-6651 (In Press)

Trayhurn, Paul and Arch, Jonathan R.S. (2020) Is energy expenditure reduced in obese mice with mutations in the leptin/leptin receptor genes? Journal of Nutritional Science, 9 (e23). pp. 1-5.


Wargent, Edward T. and Kępczyńska, Malgorzata A. and Zaibi, Mohamed S. and Hislop, David C. and Arch, Jonathan R.S. and Stocker, Claire J. (2020) High fat-fed GPR55 null mice display impaired glucose tolerance without concomitant changes in energy balance or insulin sensitivity but are less responsive to the effects of the cannabinoids rimonabant or Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabivarin on weight gain. PeerJ. ISSN 2167-8359

Waters, S. R. A. (2020) CS Lewis’ Science Fiction and Shakespeare: A Romance Made in the Heavens. Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, 49 (1). pp. 57-66. ISSN 0306-4964

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